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Are you a Petroleum Product Marketer experiencing poor customer service, employees management issue etc. Is it due to poor stock control, delayed reports or missed invoices. Are you losing revenue due to sales at stale prices, insider trading, theft, under payment, unpaid invoices, difficulty in tracking those who owe you, excess loading of products to your customers, high cost of running multiple branches, bad customer relationship management, advertising problems and many more.

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Inventory Management System

The Stock control module enables users define new product and service lines and manage existing ones. It allows for product & service differentiation and categorization as well as barcoding of stocks. It integrates with the audit, monitoring, sales and purchase management modules

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Document Management System

Archive & Access Vehicle Documents on the go. Clear your desk with easy online Invoice Storage that matters

Manage Users, Suppliers & Sites No worries about People & Locations any more EMB got your back

Document Integrity with Version Control Monitor Vendors and Supplies Inventory Levels and Locations

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Associations Management System

Set-up and manage various Associations & their Activities. Monitor Meeting Attendance and Monies Collected Worry no more about manual updates EMB got your back

Easily record and maintain People Membership to various Associations and track their contribution Track Members Progress and Social Network Involvements

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School Management System

Manage Students, Lecturers & Admin Staff No worries about Student's Records EMB got your back.

Define new Student's details & capture their address and Dept. with real-time updates

Archive past students details including their next of kin, easy online Student's Contact Mgt.

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Are you a Receptionist or a Mail Room Personnel experiencing delays in informing your colleagues when they have letters and other post deliveries? Are you pissed-off that your colleagues are constantly calling your office to ask if they have a delivery? Have you been faced with missing deliveries or occasions where you could not tell whether a delivery has been collected by the intended recipient or not? Do you spend a lot of time searching for your colleagues email addresses and manually sending them email when they have deliveries?

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Personnel Management System

Manage Employees, Clients & Sites No worries any more EMB got your back

Plan weekly and monthly rota Track staff attendance Clock-ins & Clock-outs

Manage Employee Payroll Track their work hours Automate wage payment

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Restaurant Management System

Manage Customers & Suppliers Easy Employee Collaboration Reduced Personnel Management Cost Process Customer Orders in one place Track Club Members and Award them Discounts Real-time Order Management

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Very Cost Effective

Before now, ERP systems were affordable by  the multinational companies, banks, government and oil companies. Today both SME’s and all sizes of companies can afford EMB ERP solutions and services. Speak to us!

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Puts a STOP to Theft

Before you continue, Please say bye bye to theft and information silos. EMB is developed to help you track every activity and you can track every purchase and sale you make at every point in time.

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Ranging from your organization hierarchy structure, trading currency, VAT rates, allowable file sizes, to how you want your EMB theme to look, or what you want your URL and context root to be, and much more, it’s all customizable on EMB.

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EMB breaks down your business into simple components called "resource modules".

User Friendliness

EMB brings simplicity to information management with consistency in information accessibility, information
retrieval, searching, sorting, selecting, highlighting, adding, changing, removing, reporting, tracking, importing,
exporting, uploading, downloading, printing, organizing, archiving, and dragging-and-dropping, information visualization and much more; name it.

Security & access control

The security & privacy of an organization’s information such as processes, data, trade secrets, customer’s personal records, etc. cannot be over-emphasized. Some of the key elements of security that are of great concern to every organization are information confidentiality & privacy, data integrity, non-repudiation and auditability

Real-time on-the-fly report generation

Stop waiting till day ends, weekends, month ends, year ends and etc. for your reports. Reporting is an integral part
of your business process and it’s on a real-time on EMB. It is as simple as clicking a button or finding a record from
your database. One remarkable feature of EMB is that EMB utilizes your current work interface for on-the fly reports.

E- Payment solution

Do you want an ERP system that would enable you boost your sales online or in person and collect payments for sales from
your customers? EMB is the answer. EMB supports various payment gateways. On EMB you can collect payment from
your customers such as cash payments, card payments, part cash and part card payments.

Process simplification

What are your organizational processes like? Use EMB to simplify them. EMB integrates your different orga- nizational processes into one seamless process, allowing you to work in a wizard- like process flow if required,
connecting one process or unit of work to another from within your current location on the interface. 

Automatic purchase ordering and supply chain management

Never run out of stock again. In a highly competitive business environment, intelligent systems such as EMB that give
you competitive edge over your competitors are inevitable. We are aware that in a busy business environment, tracking
the quantity of your products and service capacities can be a daunting task. 

Easy record accessibility

EMB recognizes the fact that user requirements differ, that’s why it’s designed with usability and accessibility
in mind. EMB has something for every user. EMB is built to be used by both skilled and unskilled computer
users. Its interface design follows the principles of simplicity and consistency.

Process simplification

What are your organizational processes like? Use EMB to simplify them. EMB integrates your different organizational processes into one seamless process, allowing you to work in a wizard- like process flow if required,connecting one process or unit of work to another from within your current location on the interface.

Automatic sales invoicing

Save time, ink and paper, become eco-friendly and operate without hand written invoices. Once money changes hands
between you and your customers, you don’t want stories on either side. EMB automatically generates and stores your sales
invoices. EMB issues invoices to your customers for in person transactions if required as well as sends invoices to custom- ers for online purchases via email

Activity Tracking & Audit

The integrity of data is important in business. It is vital to know who has carried out any electronic operation on your
information management system. All user and system actions on EMB including creation of new records and update
of existing records are traceable. EMB can be configured to audit any user or system action. 

About EMB

EMB ERP, a complete solution not just a software package...

EMB is more than an ERP System

EMB is a secure configurable and customizable multi-user modular Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) that integrates various business application packages.

EMB empowering our customers!

EMB is dedicated to growing and sustaining your business with bespoke resource management solutions
to meet your ever changing business needs. Providing you with business solutions such as access
management, real-time reporting and  HR solution, payroll system management, Tailor made CRM software, stock control

Where records are, EMB can be!

  • Government Offices
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
and many more...
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What people are Saying

Since I started using EMB petroleum Sales Management system, Productivity has increased, I can track every sale and theft has decreased as I can see what each staff is doing
Emmanuel, CEO Energy Shield Petrochemical.
EMB ERP search algorithm is very powerful & finds records with ease
Richard Coleman, MD Acoustical Control Engineers
EMB's updates are immediately visible to every staff. We love it!
Engr. Collins, MD Complete Electric Ltd

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